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Indiana Gerrymandering Impact

2020 Gubernatorial Election (indicator of party position)
Republican 56%
Democrat 32%
Libertarian 12%
2020 Legislature Seats By Party
Senate Republicans 78%
Senate Democrats 22%
House Republicans 71%
House Democrats 29%
2020 Congressional Seats
Republicans 78%
Democrats 22%

Rethink Redistricting Plan

Redistricting 101

The Problem

The Solution


The Rethink Redistricting project is sponsored by Libertarian Party of Indiana (LPIN). We believe in voter choice and that starts with legitimate political districts that aren’t draw with partisan intentions. The Libertarian Party is the fastest growing political party in the United States. Millions of Americans have voted for Libertarian Party candidates in past elections throughout the country, despite the fact that many state governments place roadblocks in our path to keep our candidates off the ballot and deprive voters of a real choice. The Libertarian Party of Indiana is the choice for Hoosiers that want Peace, Prosperity, and Freedom.

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